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We are Please to introduce our latest product TravzillaTM Pro. TravzillaTM Pro is our premium product and a complete end-to-end online travel technology solution for travel agencies across geographies. TravzillaTM Pro enable online booking of multiple products like Flights, Hotels, Packages, Sightseeing, Transfers and Car Rentals. TravzillaTM Pro is connected with multiple GDS’s and third party suppliers for fetching content in 190 + countries. It enables complete booking process functionality from creation of PNR to generating e-Tickets and invoices. TravzillaTM Pro is a world-class product with a focus on delivering quality services to the travel companies in all continents. We are known for delivering premier travel solution system to our customers across multiple geographies like GCC, India, Europe, Asia, Africa and US. We believe that our success is based on our ability to build a long-lasting association with our clients. Our experienced team is perfectly set to help our Client to achieve their goals

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Overview of TravzillaTM Pro

TravzillaTM Pro is one of the fastest online booking engines on the latest platform of JSON. TravzillaTM Pro is highly customizable as per the client requirement. TravzillaTM Pro is ready to use platform that can be deployed in a matter of days to be used by your internal staff and the end user sales interfaces for B2C and B2B customers are completely customizable and can be designed as per your look and feel – branding. The various sales interfaces that are available in the system are – B2B, B2C, B2B2B, B2B2C, Call Center sales interface for internal staff. Advance Booking Engines For Flights, Hotels, Sightseeing, Transfers, Car Rentals and Custom Built Packages.

  • Default Features
  • Advance Features
  • Business Benefits
  • 3, 4, 5 Step Booking Engine
  • Responsive Design
  • Arabic Language
  • Fastest supplier first
  • Up-sell and cross sell
  • Best product in best price
  • Customization
  • Unlimited license
  • XML Ready
  • Mark-up Modules
  • Market-wise rate profile
  • Google Map and Street View
  • Integrated Financial System
  • Client Retention and Growth Tools
  • Search on Suppliers for a Faster Result
  • Reduced cost and lower cost of ownership
  • Highly customizable( End to End)
  • Increase your reach through branches and sub-agents
  • Complete control over inventory and operations The best rates translate to strengthened customer loyalty
  • Automated processes help you concentrate on your business
  • The system has 3 steps to booking, Search – Result – Book
  • Reduced man power Get greater volumes, faster turnaround times & higher profits
  • Increase your reach by distributing your inventory in global markets

Software for DMC - TravzillaTM Pro

TravzillaTM Pro perfectly fits for local DMC. Travel Agent can serve their client in local languages. A combination of the right supplier strategy, optimized markup management, and empowering members with self-help tools that really make a difference in booking. TravzillaTM Pro is based on latest technologies and travel software transformed the travel industry, the functions of the highly personalized customer service. The next era of travel will be a return to focus on the customer and to rebuild the service levels and value that existed in the past. It is very important for an online travel agencies to promote their services effectively and technology is crucial for overall performance. A modern travel booking software cannot succeed without improved dynamic cache and advanced load balancing to enable fast search. In addition to specific technical requirements to meet, travel websites should have a user friendly interface and a number of features to attract demanding tourists and experienced web surfers.

The enterprise management system of an online travel agency must be able to do many complicated tasks simultaneously: Manage allotments and prices, set commissions and markups, create invoices, support extended loyalty programs and others. An important requirement is the possibility to efficiently manage affiliate programs which may be highly beneficial for the OTA’s business.