• What is TravzillaTM Pro ?
  • Pricing of TravzillaTM Pro ?
  • How demo is possible ?
  • TravzillaTM Pro providing white label funtionality ?
  • TravzillaTM Pro have travel accounting ?
  • Can I use TravzillaTM Pro in my country ?
  • Can travel agency add more suppliers other than already mentioned in TravzillaTM Pro ?
  • Customization and availability of arabic language in TravzillaTM Pro ?
  • Automatic invoices, voucher generation along with sub agents possibilty ?
  • Can travel agency add own rates of different services like hotel, packages, sightseeing ?

TravzillaTM Pro is a powerful web-based booking engine which is ready to use platform can be deployed in a matter of days

The pricing is very much competitive and affordable for all level of companies

Contact Sales Team: sales@travzilla.com or sales@genxesolutions.com

TravzillaTM Pro has white label functionality

TravzilaTM Pro has inbulit Travel Accounting System

TravzillaTM Pro can be implemented in any county

Travel Agency can add multiple suppliers other than already mentioned in TravzillaTM Pro

TravzillaTM Pro is highly customized end to end solution and also provide multiple languages ex. Arabic

TravzillaTM Pro can be used by any segment of company in travel industry also genearte auto invoice and voucher

Travel Agency can add their contracted rates though extranet